Book Untouched

Book prostrate but un-
touched, study does not come.
Work.  Procrastinate.

Beautifully Undone

Space. Freedom. Moving
at the speed of light, like a
freight train flying home,

he left earth unstop-
able. Glanced back, and saw this
earth, whole, unbroken,

knit together, cloud
and sea, land and tree, regal.
Beautifully undone.


On Criticism

Misunderstand. Talk
past. Denigrate and malign.
In criticizing

others, ourselves
we damn—to exhaustion
repetition, and vice.

“But we must stand up,
for what is right.” Ready, fire, aim.

Madness onward march.


54-40 or Fight

or fight!" said Dems. Mexican
American War.

Achievements were great,
But at a cost. Imagine
a more peaceful state.

He gave us Grier, and
Grier wrote Prize, putting Lincoln's
Blockade in the clear.

He gave us Grier and
Grier voted Scott, putting, Dred's
name back under key.

The youngest to rise
to that cherished prize. Yet he died
not three months removed.

Great by his standards.
Did what he said. Took country
from sea to sea.

Forgotten for years,
then lauded by some, his methods
brought death and great tears.


If we wright right...

If we wright right, on a pair of pears, or we lie softly while lying sweetly, if we tear up while tearing down or bow down to form a bough into a bow, of a ship, then we will have written correctly on two pears, will have laid down while whispering sweet nothings to a sweet friend, we will have mourned for what was wrecked, and we will have stooped low, to form a tree into the hull of a ship.


Eloi Eloi

Eloi, Eloi, lema sabachthani?
For those who have been there, He
was also there, alone.

And while being God
He did not consider him-
self God. Instead he

Chose death. Joining us
at the time we need him most.
Not just sympathy.

An understanding.
A God present now, right now.
No words. Just love.