Out of the Office

Obviously the posting has been light. Unfortunately it will continue to be light as I am in the process of getting a job (se previous post) and moving to Wisconsin.


Got a Job!

I’ll be working for Combined Insurance of America, a subsidiary of the Aon Corporation, a Fortune 500 company. It’s mostly business to business sales and account maintenance, with some cold calling and door to door stuff thrown in. The truly exciting thing is that we’ll be moving back to La Crosse Wisconsin, where Joey and I grew up, and where our families still live.
And if your wondering, yes I did go to seminary to become an insurance salesman, that is what I’ve always dreamed of. : ) No, seriously, I have no problem with this position. I have a pretty imaginative idea of what pastoring and church should look like. (at least for me) and taking a “secular” job is just part of that. In the future I may or may not take an official pastoral position, but fortunately that is a ways down the road.

For those that know me, I’ll be leaving Pasadena on or about Aug 12th, and arriving in La Crosse 3 or 4 days latter.


Acting Our Age

JR has some good things to say in his post Acting Our Age. He talks about the need for Fuller students to be pastored and mentored as they learn how to do so themseleves. I for one am very blest to have one Ben Donley, and in the past, Drew Severson, and Dan Cravillion in my life.


I Still Haven't Found What I'm Looking For

This morning I was spending a little time worshipping and reflecting on Christ before I went to church. I was listening to U2’s “I Still Hhaven’t Found, What I’m Looking For”, and I thought to myself, why does this song resonate with me so much? (cause I’m not a Christian, or Christianity isn’t the answer?) (no, just kidding)

The technical answer sprung to my mind, and it was comforting, sort of…

The technical answer is that we live in both the “now” and “not yet” of the Kingdom of God. Not surprisingly, this side of heaven, not even the best of church services, or pleasure of any kind can compete with what we will have on the other side of this life. Even on our best days, when we are closest to the Father, (as close as we can be that is) we are still so far away, because nothing on this side can compare with the union we will experience on the other side of heaven. Consequently the phrase “I still haven’t found what I’m looking for” resonates with us.

This technical answer is only partially comforting because it means that most likely, this side of heaven, we will never completely experience what we were created for, and if I have my druthers, it will be quite some time before I do.

Now all of this may make me sound a bit holy, but that previous sentence is key, my actions show that obviously, finding “what I’m looking for” isn’t really that important. Though we can’t experience God the way we will in heaven, we can experience him on this earth more fully, though how, if, and why, is a complex amalgamation. Part of the how, if, and why, has to do with obedience, and that is an area I often fail in.


For What? By What?

Here is an excerpt from one of the books I’m reading right now. Toward an Evangelical Public Policy edited by Sider and Kippers.

Christian conservatives sometimes act in ways that betray their historic commitment to religious liberty, and misplace the strength of religious belief. Why for example are some so intent on hanging the Ten Commandments in government buildings, reintroducing formal prayers into public schools, or slipping nativity scenes onto public property? These are the trappings of faith, not the substance of it. They serve as fiery political symbols, but they fail to challenge conscience, forge character, or reclaim broken lives. As Cal Thomas and Ed Dobson have pointed out, “It’s time to admit that because we are using the wrong weapons we are losing the battle. We have confused political power for God’s power.”


Next Blog?

Where should I go from here? As in how, when, or if, should I blog, seeing as how this one is wholly centered on Fuller and being a theology graduate student, and now I'm about to graduate. I think a new blog would probably just have to be a "moment's in David's life" blog, or something like that.

The three of you who read this on a regular basis, what do you think? Should I try and continue the pop-theology, here's what I'm thinking today, thing, or should I just start something completely new?

Leave a comment and tell me what you think.