Everyday Negotiating

We've had a little extra drama in our lives of late, but we have made the most of it.
A week and a half ago a guy decided to take a left turn in front of me, while I had the right of way. Collided going 25 or 30 mph. Since our 01 Civic was technically only worth $3200, they totaled it. Been shopping for a new sedan ever since.

Purchased a gently used Certified Honda Accord on Monday, (the last day of the month) and I have to say, while they said they have a no-haggle policy, (almost all dealerships in the cities do) somehow the price came down $500, the interest rate moved, (Came with a bank offer in hand, and balked at their first offer that barely beat it.) and a whole lot of things got thrown into the deal.

It wasn't about being tough. I think it was about building rapport, and asking, not demanding. Joey playing the part of the bad cop probably didn't hurt either.

A while back I read a book on negotiating, and it had a chapter on retail-negotiating. The book suggested that you really need to spend time with the salesperson. Let them do their job. Let them educate you. Play along even if you already did your research. If you come in and start making demands, you will likely get a flat no. Instead, spend an hour or two with them, (more or less depending on the situation, we spent multiple hours with our car guy.) Then, when you make the ask, (a reasonable one) they will be invested in both you and the sale. They can't afford to spend that kind of time and get nothing for it.

While I'm no expert, the advice certainly proved true on Monday, and while the context is different, it seems to work out when I'm negotiating child support and other family law issues as well.