Missional Small Groups

There is a church in Las Vegas in which only 14 of their 25 small groups are listed in the church service directory. Why? Because the other 11 don’t have a start/stop time.

Instead they function as a family, 2’s and 3’s getting together several times a week, most of the group getting together once or twice a week for whatever, celebrating birthdays and anniversaries, just generally being a family, being the people of God. Not that they are totally insular, plenty of new people come; the friends of the people that are already a part of it, in fact at any given time, as many as 50% of the people might not identify themselves as Christians.

Got any thoughts, what might the pros and cons be?


Joey said...

I love it....from my angle, I don't see the drawbacks.

Kyle said...

The pros definitely outweigh the cons.

David Baxley said...

Looks like Acts to me!!!!!
But it might not be a big deal that they are not listed. I do hope that even thought they are not listed that the church still positivly supports them!

David Best said...

The lack of listing is just a lagistics thing, they aren't in the church bulletin, because they don't have a set meeting time, but they totally supported.