On The Elections

So we have these little elections coming up. And I guess I’ll add my two cents to the fray. However, others have said more and better what I’m about to point out, so I’m not going to say much.

First off we need to be values/ethical voters. Vote for the common good, not your personal interests.

For those of you who are somewhat evangelical like me; (I use that term very loosely) we need to expand our reading of the scriptures. Abortion and homosexuality are not the only issues, and the candidate with the better rhetoric on these topics may not necessarily be the best candidate to change things. What I mean is, what have republicans actually done to change abortion.

The other thing is that some traditionally “liberal” ideas are technically very “evangelical”. Taking care of the poor and the environment are two things that the Scriptures/God implore us to do.

You can make the argument that conservative/republican/libertarian ideals do more for the poor, but I don’t necessarily agree or disagree with that. The causes and solutions for poverty are complicated.

Wisconsin, like many states, has a constitutional gay marriage amendment. On that topic, (I know this will bother some of you who know me), I’ll just sum it up this way: a secular government has nothing to say on this topic. Evangelicals generally support the marriage amendment because of what the Bible has to say about homosexuality. So here are some questions from an evangelical perspective. I’m not in favor of executing disrespectful children or adulators, which particular passages in the Bible tell the ancient Israelites to do. In the contemporary situation, I’m not in favor of revoking the current privileges of marriage from the two previous categories of people. Consequently, I’m not in favor of this secular state revoking the privileges of marriage from the homosexual either. If you are, answer this question, should we next aim to have a have a constitutional amendment removing the privileges of marriage from those who have been divorced? After all, the Bible describes this as often constituting adultery, and adultery was punishable by death.

Now that you are all thoroughly convinced I’m a flaming liberal, here are some anti-liberal questions on the topic of homosexuality. If we change things around, and allow homosexuals to marry, how do we define marriage? What is logically to prevent three loving adults from entering into marriage? And it is not secret that the National Man Boy Love Association (NAMBLA) works closely with the homosexual movement. If a fourteen year-old and his/her parents agree that the love between the minor and an adult is best expressed in a sexual/marriage relationship, why should they not be allowed to marry? These questions illustrate part of the reason I believe in traditional marriage.

Here is a solution. For better of worse, this is a secular state, so I have a secular amoral solution, no more state sponsored marriage. Civil unions for any two consenting adults that want to get married is the solution at the state level. Marriage is a religious/personal issue; leave it up to the individual, and religious institutions. However, this view expresses my view on the role of government, not on holy matrimony.

If I have any homosexual friends out there, I know this whole conversation is generally offensive to you. I’ve barely given you a backhanded compliment. I’m sorry I’ve offended you. If you want, e-mail me or leave a comment, and I’ll do my best to explain my in-flux, complicated position on the subject.

How do I square all of these with being a quasi-evangelical Christian? It’s simple, Jesus usually didn’t force people to do things his way, and I don’t think the state should either.

The other area of interest is the war in Iraq. Jesus wasn't too big a fan of violence, so neither am I. Does that mean I'm not in favor of the war in Iraq? Not necessarely. But I do think the thing was a giant mistake. Right now were looking at options bad and worse.

So what does any of this have to do with the elections? It explains why I have no idea who to vote for.

I suppose I’ll vote for candidates other than republicans or democrats, but not because I agree with the non-traditional candidates or even know who they are. I won’t vote democratic or republican to send a message to the traditional powers that be. Because you don't represent me, I won't vote for you.


David Baxley said...

I have to say that I am a fan of Government enforced moral direction. We see it all the time. Laws against murder hate crimes, rape, incest, etc. Once we think so foolishly as to say that the Government can’t enforce morality we will begin a failure as a state/country that will begin to affect all areas of life.
Taking God out of school is a great example. Some could use David's same arguments for taking prayer out of school. But the consequences of those Christians who did not act is, in part, the moral corruption of or teens (pregnancy, shooting, violence, dropouts) all severally increased following the removal of God from School. This is just one example.
I believe God in my life means I must vote and lobby God in my government as well. What Jesus did was say Your Christian life must be in your ENTIRE life. The Government I serve and obey is a major part of My Life. That is why I do believe moral legislation is a moral responsibility for Christians.

David Baxley said...

Oh another note...A pastor can never preach only what you beleive but you stil go to church. A canidate may not represent everything you think but blowing them off doesn't send a message to any one. Considering half the people don't even vote I don't think they'll notice your message.

David Best said...

David, you mentioned hate crimes, murder, etc... Speaking as a Christian, how do you decide which moral things to legislate and which not to? What is your criteria for making that judgment?

In my mind, homosexuality is like divorce, adultery, and alcoholism. Government should treat these things similarly.

Scott said...

What a bunch of loonies. Is this what you evangelicals really discuss? Damn!!!

David Baxley said...

What will make the world a better place according to God's word and History.
Gay marriage or traditional marraige?
The thing is regardless of what you or I think Government role should be I know according to God's word what will make the world at which I live and my daughter is growing up in and my grandkids will one day live in. I will do whatever I can in and out of the polls. Why surrender this so that our kids will live with the consequences of your lack of conviction on moral legistlation.

David Best said...

David, Your not answering the question. How do you decide what to legislate and what not to? Presumably your not in favor of the government disciplining your children. What about adultery, should adulterers lose the right to legally remarry? When you say you will do whatever you can, what do you mean by that?

David Best said...


What experiences have led you to this position?

David Baxley said...

You I can't say forsure were I would draw the line. But I see no reason at all biblically to not legistlate this issue. I would rather my biblical prinicipals be present then error because I can't reconcile it all.