Governor Challenges Oregonians to Food Stamp Challenge

“I challenge all Oregonians to experience first-hand what thousands of Oregon families go through everyday,” said Governor Kulongoski. “Budgeting just $1 a meal each day for food, and trying to make that food nutritious, is a difficult task that sadly is a reality for too many Oregonians and their families.”

“Many of us will never know what it’s like not to know where our next meal will come from or whether we’ll have enough food in the cupboard to make it through the week,” Governor Kulongoski continued. “My hope is that by participating in the food stamp challenge, Oregonians will gain a better understanding of what hundreds of thousands of Oregonians experience each month as they try to afford meet their families’ basic needs – transportation, housing, child care, health care – and food.”

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So I think I'm going to take on this challenge of eating on three dollars per day for the next five days. It's just kind of a way for me to identify in one small way with people in need.

Wondering what one can eat for a week on three dollars per day? I'll keep you updated here on the blog.

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Anonymous said...

This puzzles me. Back in the early 90's, as a single woman, I *did* live on food stamps in Oregon. I had *no trouble whatsoever* getting by. Granted, we wouldn't be eating organic foods or pre-packaged foods. But we would be eating simple, healthy meals.

Food stamps then (and I'm sure they are now) were pro-rated based on income and the number of people in the household. So I'm fairly sure it would be okay living on food stamps. Especially when you consider that we would also qualify for free breakfasts and lunches at school.

I'm wondering how accurate the Governor's data is.