More Questions

A blogger by the name Rhymes with Kerouac posted 50 questions about the Christian sub-culture. Here are some of my favorites, most of which resonate with me as well.

It should be noted that he said this: Please - don't think of these as criticisms. Think of them as conversation starters.

  1. If I only had 12 people in my congregation, and one of them ends up turning on me, one of them flat out denies he even knows me, and the rest bail out just when I need them most... would my ministry be a success or a failure?
  2. We went from old hymn books to new hymn books to song books to overheads to Power Point. What's next?
  3. Wooden pews. What were they thinking?
  4. Everybody at church knows what the rules are, everybody knows how to behave, what's expected of them. No-one ever sat you down and said, 'these are the rules...' but you know them anyway. How did you learn the rules? Of course, you can't really understand this question until you get a bunch of folks together in a street church, where no-one knows how to behave in church...
  5. Here's a little game to play. Sit in church. Pick a man or woman - someone you sort of know, but don't know real well. A Christian person. A nice Christian person. Ask yourself, "If they fell off the wagon and ended up downtown, living on the street, sleeping in their own urine and vomit... would I go get them?
  6. Would any of us go get them?
  7. Rich Christians are blessed by God. Absolutely destitute Christians must live on faith for their every need. Which is better?
  8. Which is better when you haven't eaten in three days?
  9. Why do all our pictures of Jesus look like us?
  10. Why is it that none of us can walk to church?
  11. Why is there a copyright on bibles?
  12. When will we stop praying for revival and start living like the revived?

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Mason said...

Wow, #12 is good! I need to consider that in my life and I think every Christian in American needs to consider that question!