I love audio book downloads from my library

So I recently discovered that I can download audio books from my local library's web site, and guess what, I like it a lot!

For quite a while now, whenever I go on a trip I try and bring an audio book or two. This last time, I decided to look into whether there were downloads available and if they could be transferred to my mp3 player. They were, and I did.

I like to learn, I don't like to physically read. With audio books you can do simple multitasking while enjoying the latest non-fiction or an ancient classic. Plus it's fast, they don't stop the way you or I tend to do when we are actually reading.

Look at this list I have listened to in just the past few weeks. There is no way I could read all these books, but via audio downloads...
  • War and Peace - by Tolstoy (just started)
  • Hearing God's Voice - by Blackaby
  • Beyond Band of Brothers – The War Memoirs of Major Winters. – by Winters
  • The Problem of Pain – by C.S. Lewis
  • God's Politics - Why the right gets it wrong and the left doesn't get it. - by Wallis
  • Conspiracy of Fools - The rise and fall of Enron - by Eichenwald
  • Three Cups of Tea – One mans mission to start schools in Afghanistan. – by Mortenson
  • Legacy of Ashes - The history of the CIA - by Weiner
  • Dispatches from the Edge - A Memoir - by Anderson Cooper

(Someone should really pay me for this post, a blatant advertisement.)

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