A Blue Collar Kid

The last few months I have really enjoyed learning to write poetry, haikus specifically, so here's to that.  It was my proff, Mark Osler that introduced them to me and many others on his blog, Osler's Razor, so thank you Mark!

A blue collar kid
with a spotty education.
Whats a haiku?

And whats a haiku
to do with a prof like this?
O’ That does make sense.

(He had us looking up artwork for our first day of Crim Law)

Had to google it
the first time, still do to spell.
First attempts? So so.

Repeat and try again.
Read, listen hard, catch on to
what is really said.

Rhyme and punctuate. (as you see fit)
Close the law books and enjoy,
a brief reprieve, joy.

Thank you, all of you,
for giving me, something new.

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