On Independence Day

June 7, '76
in Independence Hall.
Richard Henry Lee

made the audacious
call: "Resolved, [we] ought to be,
free and independent States.”

“It is rebellion”
The King of England said
“Take all the ships.”

Ties were severed
one by one, as war began
to brew. Common Sense

is what they called, the
fall from grace, of George and his
belligerent states.

But politics takes
time, and some had thoughts of peace.
Recess Congress called.

While five began to write.
Adams, Sherman, Franklin,
Livingston, each played

a role, but Thomas
dipped the quill, and it is this
that he began to write:

“When in the course of
human events, it becomes

to break the bonds that tie.

Then that immortal
line, “All men are created  equal.”
With Rights, and  Life and Liberty

And the pursuit of happiness.

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