Rudy Carrasco

Last night was my first time meeting someone from blogdom in the real world, and I was not disappointed!

As many of you know I’m doing this internship right now in which I’m creating opportunities for our church to “reach out” or as I would prefer to say “be missional”. Before I can do that effectively, I need to get to know my context, asking questions like “what does it mean to be poor in Pasadena”, "what needs to be done", and "what is being done". This is where Rudy Carrasco comes in. (who blogs at Urban Onramps) He has been here in the LA area his whole life, and has spent the past 15 years at the same ministry, Harambee, which is a Christian school in the heart of the worst part of Pasadena. Which is to say, I think he knows a little bit about the context. I was hoping to interview him for 30 minutes or so, but Rudy takes it to a whole other level, inviting me to help chaperone some kids at a Dodger game. We had more than enough time, not just to talk about serving the poor, but about blogging, and growing up, and any number of other things.

Praise be to God, and a shout out to you Rudy.

Rudy and the kids

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rudy said...

this tubby mexican says thanks for helping me chaperone all those kids