I got my first bit of spam in the comments section.

Big News From The Healthcare Industry!!
+++++++++++Current Profile+++++++++++
XYZ Company
Current Price $0.15
A company with hot new identity solution products
and licenses with over 40 current governmental and
non-governmental contracts in negotiations.
Is this an undiscovered gem priced to go higher!!
Please read the following Announcement in its Entirety and Consider the Possibilities�
Watch this One to Trade!

This and an additional 700+ words appeared this mourning. I changed the name of the company so they don't get advertisement from this post.

Does anyone know of a way to block spam on blogger with out preventing all comments?

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Sivin Kit said...

my friend just asked me yesterday too on his blog http://aporia-falls.blogspot.com/. Maybe you guys can help each other once you've found the solutions