Homosexual Politics

Another post direct from ethics class. We are discussing homosexuality, and the professor is asking for suvility, saying that good people disagree, and that is comes down to hermenutics, which at a certain level is correct, but it goes so much deeper than this. On both sides the battle lines are drawn, and long ago we became enemies. If I am a homosexual, I am not going to put up with you denegrating who I am, and it is not simply a hermenutical dispute.

My response: Call it what it is, we're enemies...

...but love your enemies!

I.e. not Jesus busting out the whip, but Jesus becoming human for our sake, dying for our sake, reconciling us to himself.

What would it look like for us to stand firm in our commitments, yet truly love our enemies?

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Anonymous said...

having compassion ... truly loving ... ask me about this sometime, i have thoughts re: this ... i meant to leave a comment on my idols question. read the two comments on that blog-- what do you think?