Anyone Want a Cigar

So I’m now a Father. On Wednesday September 20th, (the same day my father was born) my amazing wife gave birth to an eight pound two ounce little boy at 6:44 pm cst. His name is Nicholas David Napoli Best. He’ll be a “Nick”, and Napoli is Joey’s maiden name. Both Joey and Nick are healthy, so naturally that’s a huge answer to prayer.

Nicholas David Napoli Best

Nick and Me


David Baxley said...

Way to go man. I am so excited to be a part of your, and his life again. God bless!uc

Amy said...

David, that's so awesome! Congratulations!

Jason Phelps said...

Absolutely wonderful. Looks just like David... seriously! Except for the goatee, of course. Congratulations to the both of you. Paul and Sasha McCrone just had their baby boy recently. In case you didn't get the email from Paul, check this out.

Bill said...

Wow, congratulations. Smoke plenty for me.

Joy (Brouwer) Leveen said...

David and Joey and Nick!
Congratulations! David, thank you for sending the link to the baby pictures! He is a cutie and it is amazing to see him - after watching Joey's belly grow for nine months! Tom and I are so happy for you all!! Blessings!!