Church & State Paper

I just sent off my 30 page Church and State paper. I enjoyed doing it. It served to help me ground my own understanding how many feel the Church should relate to the State. Below is an out line. In the next few day's I'll put up some excerpts.

An Introduction

  • A Short History
  • The Basis
  • Principles

The Form of the Christian Witness to the State

  • A Separate Witness
  • An Indirect Witness
  • A Direct Witness
  • Which Method: Separate, Indirect, or Direct?


  • Faith is Private
  • The State is already Christian
  • The State is beyond being rescued


  • On Paradox

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Rodion Romanovich Raskolnikov said...

I just finished my paper yesterday and got it turned it. It wasn't has hard to write 30 pages as I thought it would be.

As concerns your comment on my post. You can separate being saved from being a Christian if you want. However, then you would have to say that people can get saved by believing certain facts and then they don't have to live a certain way afterwards. This is basically the theology I encountered in the SBC churches I was a part of, and I think it is biblically unsupported. How I read it neither Paul or James could imagine an unbaptized Christian or a Christian who does not do good things. I don't think Jesus could either has he says you can tell a tree by its fruit.

Lastly, you Protestants need to make up your minds. Either you are sola scriptura or you're not. You are not alone in saying things like "Well, maybe there are those people who only God knows are saved" or, as my grandma likes to say, "Only God can know." This is rubbish if you read the NT, this doesn't ever enter the minds of these writers. You can tell who is a Christian by who is a member of the physical church. There is no separating the physical church from the spiritual church (keep in mind that eucharist was believed to be actually the body of Christ so participation in the physcial had spiritual consequences). If you kicked someone out of the church they were separated from Christ, and so on and so forth. The problem is, and I just finished addressing this in my paper, is that Evangelicalism has been so individualized that church participation is deemed optional and people are saved within themselves instead of within the church. Again, this is rubbish if you are sola scriptura.

A side bar on the same subject. I was talking with a Mennonite girl the other day (she is new and cute) and we got on the subject of baptism. She said that it was an outward sign of an inward reality. I had the same fun with her as I did with you.