Three Dollars Per Day - Friday

Coffey - $0.10
Blackened salmon - Free
French fries - Free

BBQ Roast Beef - Free
Baked Potato - Free
Fresh Fruit - Free
Two Cans of Soda - $0.25 (one free)
Glass of Milk - $0.15
Slice of Pie - $0.50

Total: $1.00
Week to Date: $12.45 (Goal: $15.00)

Now I don't blame you if this looks like cheating to you. In a way it is. But it also illustrates the power of sharing, and the glorious blessing of a free meal! (hint: this is your cue to give someone who needs it a free meal) Lunch was a working meal with my boss, which she paid for. And for dinner, our small group got together and had a potluck to which we contributed the pie.

The experiment is over, but it's one that I'm going to keep with me for a while. I really don't need to spend as much as I typically do on an average meal. And I certainly don't need as much meat in my diet as I prefer to enjoy.

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