Free Graphic Design

So I'm working on creating a graphic, and/or having someone else do it. Seeing what's out there, getting ideas.

Not surprisingly I have come across some pretty good sites. A lot of them are making things available for free. How do they do that? Several ways. One is for the artists to raise support, so the artists are creative design "missionaries". Another is for the web site to be a common ground for artists to post their work, so anyone and everyone can give and take. And a final option I am seeing is big churches posting their own material on the web, giving it away.

Here is where I found a lot of this stuff
Free Church Graphics and Resources Toolbox

And here are some that I personally found useful.
Muddy River Media

On CreativeMYK I was able to post a want add, looking for someone to design a logo for us, and in less than a day I have gotten two responses.


Rachael said...

David, if you need any help, I do some graphics work too. Just let me know.

David Best said...

Thanks Rachel! We'll be in touch. I'm already down the road a ways with one guy on the logo, but when it comes to incorporating that into a larger scheme we'll definitely talk.