What Comes First, In Health Care, and Everything Else

Been talking some with a good friend of mine, David Baxley, about the whole health care debate. He and I see things differently, but what I like about David is that he tries to put his theology first, and then his politics. He tries to understand his God and then allow that relationship to shape his relationships with everything, and everyone else, including his politics.

I wonder, do you and I do the same, or are we first Conservative, or Progressive, a Man or a Women, a _________, whatever label you want to use, and only after that, a Christian, a Jesus follower?

Do we make God in our image or are we allowing him to shape us into his image. Do we read the Bible looking for those progresive verses, those conservative verses, or do we recognise the Bible for what it is, a story meant to help shape us into the image of Christ. Something meant to shape, not be shaped.

No matter what you think about the government's role in health care, there is no doubt about Jesus concern for health care. Click here if you have any doubt.

I believe that governments should be just, and generous, and concerned about the hurting and poor, in part because "we the people" are the government; but the real question for me this morning is, am I just and generous and concerned about the hurting and poor... do my actions back up my belief?

David Baxley has deep, understandable concerns about the governments role in all of this. He believes that it is the churches job to care for the hurting, the poor, and the sick. (I agree) And he has a similar question to answer, about how, when and where he personally reflects the values of Jesus. (Ones I think he answers pretty well.)

Much of the current law has yet to be enacted, and won't be for several years. And if the current law is repealed, as many are advocating, are you prepared to do your part to stand with those desperately in need, if it is not the governments job, whose job is it... if we have a health care crises, and it is not the governments job to change that, who will... why is there even a problem in the first place... who has not been doing their job?

But that is theory. At some level, you and I need to set aside the theoretical and get our hands dirty in the real life, and that applies to people of all political stripes. Health care is not the governments job or the churches job... it is my job, and yours.

Side note: Hospitals need janitors, churches need sound techs; you don't have to literally be directly involved in a medical/healing ministry to be making a difference. Health care is just one of many issues.

Allow God to move your heart toward the ministry or vocation that he is calling you to, and then allow God's theology of love and justice to shape that ministry, that vocation, that life that is yours... not the other way around.


David Baxley said...
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David Baxley said...

WOW. My friend you are generous to me beyond what I deserve...but thank you for the encouragement. I have appreciated and loved our discussion and I think this is well said.

Do our actions confirm what we say we believe? -The great question that is being asked of our entire Christian culture in so many areas...

I wonder if part of the problem is that so many that have the label and/or truly are Christians really know what comes with the title of “Christian” or are not even trying to know what that means beyond going to church on Sunday and hanging with their bible study...

It appears that could be the root behind a lot of the problems and that is why the answer to the question seems to be "no" more then not...

Good job on this one (and not just cause you made me look good) :)