Why Law School - The Polished Version

So how is law school going?  Good.  I have been here for a couple of weeks, and thus far it has been a positive experience.  I enjoy the rigors of thinking critically about tough issues, and the fact that at St. Thomas, issues of justice and equity are usually not far off.  There is a healthy sense of community here.  While law schools are not always the most friendly environments, as one of the proffs put it, "You have both scissors and a needle in hand.  You can knit a stronger community, or cut it apart.  It is up to you." Here at St. Thomas, there seems to be more of the latter.  Each new class has to decide for itself what kind of community it will be, and how it will integrate itself into what has come before.  While things are not perfect, I have seen more positive indicators than not, suggesting this will be an enjoyable, and supportive community of learners, thinking critically about law and life.

Some might ask why an ordained pastor would change gears and head off to law school.  For me it does not feel like that big of a change.  I have had a number of different experiences since leaving the US Air Force in 04’.  For example, my wife and I spent time living in an intentional community while attending graduate school at Fuller Seminary.  After that we had the opportunity to be a part of a unique church, the Northern Lighthouse that was of and with the poor.  These experiences have given us new eyes to see how diverse groups of people see the world, and share each others communities.  Law school brings together the things that are important to me with my natural gifts and abilities, thinking critically and analytically.  As to what is important, or maybe more accurately, what I wished was important to me, the prophet Micah put it best: “Act justly, love mercy, walk humbly.”  That is the goal.  That is the prayer.


Anonymous said...

Great David, really well written and genuine. Glad to call you a classmate... :-)

Anonymous said...

Page looks nice. Hope all is well up in the cities, and with the family.

David Best said...
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