Effects of Drunk Driving

This weekend a drunk driver slammed into our parked car, (which we were not in) as it sat on the street in front of the house.

The collision with our car caused him to spin out of controll until he came to a sudden stop at the foot of a tree, which caused his van to collapse in on him, nearly killing him. The van was full of cement mix and tools making it very heavy, which combined with his aproximate 55mph speed (in a 40 zone)combined for a great deal of energy. The paramedics didn't think he would make it to the hospital, though two hours latter we received word (as we waited for the tow truck) that he did not have to undergo any emergency surgery which is usually a good sign.

Funny how these things play games with you. I usually don’t leave the car out front, and if I hadn’t he probably would not have ended up in the emergency room. I don’t blame myself at all…intellectually, but none-the-less the incident still tried to play “what if” games with my mind. I suppose this is a good thing, allowing me to relate ever so slightly with people that have experienced truly traumatic events for which they feel responsible, even though they are not.

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Kyle said...

wow, bro. Your next few decisions on transportation are in my prayers. Glad you weren't in it, and glad the man is recovering.
Hope you find serenity this week amidst this.