I bought a motorized scooter a couple of days ago, (click here to see it) not one you sit on, but the kick type you stand on…except you don’t kick, it’s motorized. It’s definitely a toy, but I have my excuses. One, I don’t have a car, so spending a bit on this thing pails in comparison to a vehicle. Second, riding my bike was resulting in a sweaty, stinky student, and with this internship requiring me to interview various community leaders, I figured this would make everyone a lot happier. And of course it is slightly faster, allowing me to go farther. The fact that the bus does all of these things is beside the fact, besides, who wants to wait for the bus?

AND…Upon further reflection, I think it was an appropriate purchase to make on the 4th of July. It burns fossil fuels, (at a rate of roughly 55 miles to the gallon) and all I have to do is stand there and do nothing…now what is more American than that.

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Kyle said...

does that have a hemi? I might have to get one.