Going to Montgomery with the Red Cross

About a week and a half ago Joey and I looked into the possibility of volunteering with the Red Cross to go and serve Katrina victims. This past Tuesday we got trained on shelter operations, and a number of other things. Today we got word that we are leaving at 7:10am tomorrow on a flight bound for Montgomery AL. (we'll be back in 11 days) From there will be bussed to wherever we are needed on the Gulf Coast.

The training reminded me of what it may have been like shortly after Pear Harbor occurred, for the mass of people that volunteered to serve in the armed forces, the Red Cross, or some other capacity. On Tuesday we were just a rag tag bunch of volunteers being rushed through training by a 30 year veteran of the Red Cross who skipped most of the official training, and instead told us what we needed to know, which wasn’t much, because nothing like this has ever happened on this scale.

I hope to be able to blog while I am down there, but there are certainly no guarantees that internet service will be available, or that I will want to write after a 13-hour day.

Please keep us, and the many that are hurting, in your prayers.

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