Our Red Cross Duties

Joey and I are both assigned to the Alabama HQ - Logistics.

Which means we are fetching any imaginable supply, in the motor pool delivering people and supplies across Alabama and Mississippi, or administrating the FedEx table, which means delivering packages throughout the HQ, an old K-Mart, jammed with about 500 people, and all their technology making this thing happen.

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Dad said...

Good to read about all your adventures, both in experiencing God's creation on your fishing trip, experiencing Rudy's life with the Dodgers and all his inner city prodiges, as well as your current work with in Montgomery. I am glad you are having these experiences in addition to your college classes - all of this will broaden your theology as you bring our Lord and Savior to real life people in real life. Appreciated, too, your comments on our involvement in Iraq. I'm glad we are helping the Iraqi people regardless of any of the political motivations that originally led us there. I see God as sovereignly working in the affairs of man, often without man perhaps even being aware of His larger designs. In other words, men and nations might be likened to pawns on the God's chessboard, which He moves in His own time and at His wise direction. Bush might have and many apparent reasons for invading Iraq, and perhaps a hidden agenda for oil/big business/etc., but God's purposes could have been to bring down an evil dictator, taking steps to free the Iraqi people from his oppression.

I do not think Horror serves any good purpose, nor does most TV violence. When God wrote the Bible, He dealt with facts about war, genocide, disease, famine, etc. But he did not exalt the gruesome details. The entertainment industry focuses on "special effects" - God sees the bigger picture and has His purposes. Violence to God only serves as necessary judgement on the Human Race for our own choices - He takes no delight in pain. When people view pain and violence on the Big Screen, they receive the vicarious stimulus of that event, and some are even led to commit acts of violence as a result of what they have seen. I do not believe God endorses even most of what we all permit ourselves to view in world of entertainment.