Does the word 'inerrant' get you going (in either direction)? If so, you may like my dialog with Oliver on his post, God Inspired the Bible.

When I read, "To my knowledge, there has not yet been a concrete discovery of error within the Scriptures. Many of the arguments against the Bible are based on loose assumptions only and are usually made by someone who really hasn't studied or interpreted them correctly", I just couldn't let it go.

But at the end of our chat, I felt kind of bad about my attitude and tone, (which I told him.) I kind of ambushed him. Obviously, I have a lot to learn, much of which they don't teach at seminary.

If you like the word inerrant, I really sugest you check our our conversation.


David Baxley said...

Well you wanted a comment. I understand your desire to communicate accurately and clearly with the world and the brains of this world. That is very very important. But not everyone needs that so as you search to know all this knowledge remember that some are saved and believe without all that. It doesn't make it is any more or less important but be careful, God has called all of us to work in this world in different ways. Not everyone is called to be a theologian or a great apologetic speaker. Some are called to have faith like a child. Wait didn't Jesus call all of us to that? Just a thought for the next guy you want to go into. Sometimes in our search for all the answers we miss the fact we don’t always need them.

David Best said...

Point taken. : )