Stupid Proof-Texting

You know those bible studies where they say, "according to John 3:16, how does God feel about you?" Or, "according to Romans 10:9, how is one to be saved?"

Well I can't stand that, why?

Go here.

You like that? I do, it points out our inconsistancies. It shows us for how we appear, and how we may just really be.

I know proof-texting is necessary at times, (I do it myself) and I know it eases communication, (which is why I do it) but obviously which verses are of supreme importance is incredably subjective, and dare I say, fallable, as in, not innerant...but allas that is a whole other subject.

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blind beggar said...

David: A very interesting link. Funny thing is that just yesterday I ran across one that is very similar here.