Sweet Moment

Last night I was writing a paper on narrative approaches to justification and sanctification. It wasn’t going well, I had a lot of data wandering through my head, and it was not exactly coming together, at some points I wondered if I was going to have to scrap the whole paper.

Then all of a sudden it clicked, I knew what I wanted to say, and I couldn’t type fast enough. It was awesome!

Maybe not as special as going big in the half pipe on your snowboard for the first time, (anyone been watching the Olympics?) and definitely not as big as the girl you’ve been dreaming of asking out for a long time saying yes after you finally worked up the nerve to say something, but for academics, this was sweet.

So what’s in the paper? Well if you can get your head around God being outside of time, (and I can’t) it acts like something of a Rosetta Stone, opening up a world of possibilities, including sanctification and justification being a lot more closely aligned than some text books would have you believe.

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