Church in the NT - Notes (2)

Here are some notes from my Church in the New Testament Class. These are just thoughts for musing on. Obviously these were taken in the context of a larger conversation that you are missing out on. I really can't say more now, cause I'm studying for finals.

1. What would you do if there was only one church in your city? What if you couldn’t go down the street cause you didn’t like the way the pastor preached?

2. We don’t know how do deal with the “I” in the midst of the “we”.

3. We are historical positives, which means that we think that if we can get back to the first century, and translate that into our world, then thing will be "right".
A. Problems with this
1.Can we get back to the first century, this pure form of Christianity?
2. Just because they did something dosen't mean we necessarely should.
3.Historical models should not be normative. If they were, we would have five different theologies of the Spirit.

4. One can’t separate one's view of history from one’s view of the Bible. Hence we have to consider how we do history, and what the place of scripture is in constructing that historical enterprise.


blind beggar said...

"Can we get back to the first century, this pure form of Christianity?

A pure form of Christianity? Not what I see when I read 1 Cor., Gal., etc. ;-).

I understand what you mean, but I think many Christians today have a misconception of how "pure" Christianity was in the first century. Fresh, natural, authentic, alive and genuine – yes. Uncontaminated, untainted and unsullied – nope.

David Best said...

No you don't understand what I mean. : ) I agree with you. What I posted was the question that was raised. We then talked about exactly what you mentioned, 1Cor, Gal, etc. I completely agree that most tend to have a misconception of how it was back then.

Bill said...

I like your reflections, David. These are good important thoughts as we look back on the first century.

blind beggar said...

Thanks for the clarification David and sorry I misunderstood. Great subject that I wish we could see a good discussion around.

David Best said...

Blind Beggar,

That was my fault for having unclear formating, hopefully the change helps the next person.