Check out CNN’s, blog post looking at modern exorcism, entitled Casting the Devil out of Tulsa.

The comments are particularly interesting, though I doubt representative of the entire population, just because it’s the people that know what they think and feel passionately about their perspective that bother to comment.

The following are pretty representative of what most of the comments were like.

I know by personal experience that demons possess humans. My ex-husband, a Baptist minister was Satan himself. No, I am not kidding. He was evil, wicked,violent,and very abusive. His face would distort and his voice change into something very demonic. It was terrifying!!!!!! I believe that Bob Larsen's ministry is real and not a fabricated show. God bless him.

One person's legitimate religious practice IS another's spiritual vaudeville. As a dedicated agnostic (no, that's not an oxymoron), I think what it all comes down to is that our beliefs have the power to influence the way we perceive the world, so if you believe, then that practice is legit -- for you. I think one of the biggest problems in our world right now is religious zealotry, both here in America and abroad. So I think tolerance is the key. I personally think this stuff is weird as hell, but I'd still be fascinated to witness it and to talk to someone about it!

Thorought all four of the Gospels, Jesus cast out demons, (ex: see: Luke 4: 33-37, Luke 8:26-39, Luke 9:37-39: and because of sin, the devil infiltrates the thoughts that lead to actions-of believers and non-believers alike..By faith we inherit the ability to become His disciples and walk as He did,thus the ability to facilitate and cast out demons in His name is real..

I Say it's bull !!!!!!!!!!!! I am as anti religion as you can get, so where are the demons that are looking to inhabit a person. I and many like me would be the perfect host. But then again we wouldn't be any news for the fakes who claim to expell the demons, My belief; we as Americans are trying so hard to be noticed that we are willing to make complete fools of ourselves, if you have any doubts just watch TV with all these reality shows, I hate to say it but the average person just doesn't act that way but for a little cash or popularity they will humiliate themselves, I guess it won't be long until theres a exorcism reality show, who'll be the first contestant for the grand prize. I guess that will qualify for some sort of disability from the Gov't.