Casa Esparanza

Got back from Mexico today at 1am…had a blast…got a lot of work done on a playground (to see pics click here) at a home for battered women and their children…spent a lot of time praying for some of the women…my friend Ben got food poisoning…and we had trouble finding the right way across the border because of all the memorial day traffic…so on the whole it was everything one would expect.

The place we worked at was called Casa Esperanza, near Ensenda. As mentioned it is a home for battered women, but slowly it is becoming much more. The vision is that it would be a place not only of safety, but also of inner healing through the Holy Spirit, and vocational training for the women. For more info on the place you can email:

For me, the trip took me to a place I hadn’t been in a long time, namely emotional connection with someone that is deeply hurting. There is so much pain in this world that I just choose to be numb to it all. The opportunity to connect with one of the deeply wounded women I was praying with was a blessing that took my studies out of the classroom and back into the real world…“thank you Holy Spirit”.

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