What am I doing at Fuller?

I got a e-mail from a fellow blogger today, he pointed out that I don’t mention what program I’m in here at Fuller, shame on me, and thanks for the catch Kyle. I’m doing a double MA, one in Theology, and another in either Cross-Cultural Studies, or Global Leadership, hopefully the latter.

The reason is that as a pastor, I want to apply missional principles to a North American context. For me, the Master of Divinity is not the way to go. After graduation I wouldn’t really know anything well. A bit of theology, a bit of biblical studies, and a bit of practical stuff…but would I be good at anything? Additionally, as Dr. Gibbs, a very respected professor here at Fuller pointed out, the MDIV was designed in the 80’s based on the 70’s. Anyone else think the world has changed a bit since then? I don’t want to prepare for “professional ministry”; I want to be a culturally sensitive change agent in my community. If the lord leads me to do that as a pastor, and I think he has, that’s great, but I will be just as comfortable taking a “secular” job, because for the most part, I don’t believe in secular/sacred distinctions. (ever hear of “tent making”, ever consider doing it in North America?) I do think there is a need for “sacred” places, but that’s a whole different discussion.

If your thinking about seminary, give serious consideration to what your end goals are. Are you looking to get credentialed, or are you trying to prepare for ministry? If it is the latter will the MDIV do this for you? If not, drop it no matter what the cost!

p.s. if your in “ministry” (I hate that word) take a close look at the MA in Global Leadership

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