Mobile Home Disaster

I watched a knock off of Extreme Makeover: Home Edition, tonight. A show called Mobile Home Disaster, which from what I can tell is still in the test phase. Not a bad show, stinking hilarious, and it helps out people a little farther down in life, people who can’t afford a house. (I wish a network would do a renters makeover show. That would really help the poor.) The television show dose tend to perpetuate some negative stereotypes, but having lived in a trailer myself, I would call the majority of it good harmless fun. Tonight’s show had a family of eight, three kids of each gender, all living in a sieve of a place. (and it wasn’t a double wide) The amazing thing was that they had a reputation for being the nicest and most helpful people in the trailer park. Overall, good show. I hope it becomes a regular on the WB, so that more people can benefit some from the coffers of corporate America.

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