Doing Nothing

Finals week was over this past Friday. At 12:35am that night (next day) we caught a plane ride out of LAX. (I kind of felt like an escaping convict) Since then I’ve been hanging out back home in La Crosse Wisconsin where I grew up. Just been relaxing, which for me means being unplugged from the internet, (hence no posts the past few days) and spending time with the family. For me technology is kind of a love/hate thing, so when I get a chance to just relax with no responsibilities, I try to go all out and truly do nothing that I do when I’m doing the typical student thing. I thought I would toss a post on here just because, that being done I’ll sign off. More on my vacation when I get back to Pasadena.

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niebuhrian said...

glad you get a chance to rest, thanks for the comments my way. I hope the love/hate thing continues to work for you. Sometimes it is nice to be unplugged...

grace and peace