Theology in Context (Part Two)

My Theology in Context lectures covered both technical missiology and guest visits from people who were in the field doing the technical things we were discussing. On the technical side, our professor, Dr. Van Engen, walked us through five perspectives or paradigms through which people have sought to do “theology in context”. He then sought to integrate these into an “appropriated Christianity”.

His five perspectives were: contextualization (cont.) as communication, cont. as indigenization, cont. as translatability, cont. as local theologizing, and cont. as epistemology.

Yesterday I was thinking that I would say more today, but I’m realizing that the minimum amount of time and energy necessary to communicate what was taught is more than you or I want to exert. (you would be reading forever.)

If this is a subject that interests you e-mail me, and I can provide you with some resources, including some handouts from class. One of the primary books we worked from was Steven B. Bevans’ Models of Contextual Theology.

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Sivin Kit said...

I found Bevans book very helpful ...