Ego Inflating Devices

So I finally got a counter…hopefully it won’t bring down an awful plague on my head like a certain other David I know of.

The problem is that all those zero’s look awfully pitiful, so the three of you that visit this site on a regular basis, (there are thee of you right? not counting my mom?) Anyway, the three of you need to pass the word so I don’t look so stupid…though I can hear you now. “David, inflating your counter won’t make you look any better…your site already bounced off one to many branches on the ugly tree.” and you would be right, so never mind, don’t come back ever again, besides lowest score wins, right? ; )

In other news, finals are next week, so the posting may be a bit thin for a few days.

God Bless


Suhit Anantula said...

David, That's an interesting program that you are doing. I am sure would like to see how your blog would evolve.

About your counter, just do not worry....you go ahead and write and people would find you soon.

The other good way of people letting know about your blog is to link to various people if you can from your posts!


Mike Todd said...

I'm reading it!

rudy said...

count the carrascos twice, i let my baby daughter click on the keyboard and link around your site