Hitting the Home Run and Template Stuff

Big news, I’m going home on Saturday. Get to stay a week. All y’all that I grew up with that read this thing, which is probably about two of you, pass the word to our non-blogging friends, and maybe we’ll hook up.

I’m really looking forward to seeing friends and family and my small home town. I need a break from this fast paced, traffic clogged, “paradise”. It will be nice to go for a walk in silence for a change, and sleep without the lullabies of traffic ten yards from my bedroom window.

As you regulars can tell, I was playing around with the template last night. I’m not sure it actually looks better, but at least it is slightly different from every other blog, though not much. The thing is, I’m sick of having the same template as thousands of other people. I bought html for Dummies, so we’ll see how that goes, it that doesn’t pan out I may just take this thing over to TypePad, or some other host that will let me do more, but that would require some time, so I don’t know. If you have an opinion on blog hosts let me know.

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Kyle said...

dave, you might also want to google "html tutorial". I found some beneficial goodies for my blog. Two sites that worked for me were: http://www.htmlcodetutorial.com/ and http://www.w3schools.com/. Hope that helps. Blessings going home. peace.