Spiritual Disciplines Notes

All of this first part is cyclical, not linear. It is a map, not reality, it is guidance.

The Spiritual Journey
  • Childhood Religion
    • Petition
    • Power
    • Pleasure
    • Pain
  • Adolescent Religion
    • Emotion
    • ntellectual control of God
    • Peer Pressure
  • Awakening
    • The Reality of the Intangible
    • Sense of Call
Via Triplex (4th-6th Centuries)
  • Purgation
    • Learning the virtues, shunning the vices
  • Illumination
    • Maturing, little concession to sin.
    • Moral Integration
    • Great energy for God.
    • Love of Christ
  • Union (with God)
    • In a constant state of sanctification.
    • John of the Cross – Dark Night of the Soul
Protestant Language – Being conformed to the image of God.

Luther tipped the Via Triplex on it’s head. First comes Union, then Illumination, then Purgation.

The Geography (or vocabularly) of Pilgrimage
  • Traditional Protestantism
    • Baptism/Confirmation/Worship & Service
  • Evangelicals
    • Conversion/Discipling/(Possibly a Second Blessing)/Servanthood
  • Pentecostalism
    • Saved/Sanctified/Filled with the Spirit
  • Reformed
    • Justification/A Life of Process Sanctification/Glorification
  • Orthodox
    • Justification/Sanctification/Deification
  • Roman Catholic/Classical Spirituality (4th-6th Centuries)
    • Purgation/Illumination/Union (what was up above)

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