Babylon Blog

Here are a few excerpts from an interesting blog I found today. It's called Babylon Blog, and is written by LtCol. Glen Morris, a Marine public affairs officer in Iraq.

The terminal, if it exists, is a small plywood room or a concrete bunker. When they check for weapons, they're making sure you HAVE them. From Combat Air Travel

I’m sure Irene will back me up on this, but one of the main reasons men go off to war is that it gives them an excellent reason to acquire lots of cool gear. From Guci Gear

No amount of schooling could prepare me for this. Meetings like this are difficult under any circumstances. But here were three different groups: local Iraqis, out-of-town Iraqi soldiers, and completely-out-of-country American Marines attempting to find some common ground. The non-attending members may have had the biggest input of all: the insurgents. From Sandbags, Sheiks, & Cigarettes

The God of War took away the sun today because of our feeble attempts to wage a counter-insurgency via Power Point briefs and endless Operational Planning Team meetings. From And Then It Started Raining Frogs

We loaded our weapons, chambered a round, and rolled out of the dam compound. For the first time since arriving in Iraq I was “leaving the wire. From A Dam Fine Place

The two buildings we occupy are old, dirty and dark because all of the windows are sandbagged. They weren’t designed to be lived in by 200 Marines, so there are bunk beds and offices crammed into every little room. Electricity, computer and communication wires run everywhere. There’s not much in the way of plumbing so we “use” a handy invention called a Wag Bag instead of the usual porta-johns. From FOB Sparta

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