Who read's this thing anyway?

Not many people, mostly new people that apparently don’t come back. This thing averages 7 hits a day. About a third are google hits, a third are returning visitors, and a third are “other”. What are people googling? Several times a week I get hits in conjunction with this post on the murder of Andrew and Jamie Schliepsiek by Andrew Witt. Emerging Church, Christ and Culture, Missional, and Swimming or Deep End or both are other routine topics. The other way people get here is from the blogs I’m linked to, of which the A-team and Urban Onramps send me the most traffic. When I first put the hit counter on here I labled it an ego inflating device, and I think that’s about right, though in my case it is a reminder that apparently it seems most people only stumble on to this site by accident, and don’t stick around very long when they do. I think many visitiors here are simply looking for more information about swimming pools and for whatever reason click on this site when they see the link in google.

So here’s a little survey question for you to wrap this up.

How did you get to this site today, and did it meet your needs?

You can say something like, “no but it’s interesting”, or “no it’s retarded”, or “I read it everyday because I’m stalking you”, you know, whatever fits the bill.


Barb said...

I can't remember how I found your blog - was probably 6 or 12 months ago. You're on my bloglines account to read weekly and there is the occasional post that really interests me :)

Kyle said...

I get my most traffic from a post I did on Methodist Women, but I titled one of the technorati tags "Meth." You can imagine what sites I get traffic from.

I guess they are hoping to come to my site and "get their needs met." Literally.


Kathi said...

I found your blog by clicking on the link in your comment on The Babylon Blog.I like it fine so far!:)but there is a question as to whether I'm retarded,lol(and there's no question whatsoever that I'm a dork!)
Seriously, I find it incredibly refreshing to find someone of your age talking about your faith,and will be back for more.

MK said...

I am an Army Staff Sergeant researching the death sentence inmates I watch. Andrew Witt is one of them. I looked all of them up and ran across your page about him.

wennejunk said...

I read it every day because I am stalking you.

Seriously, I have a blog on blogspot http://limegate.blogspot.com/ and after I set up the blog, I wondered who else was out there. So, I started clicking on the next blog button and eventually came here. I liked some of your musings and comments and because your short hair reminded me of my son, a 2nd Lieutenant in Army Ranger school. I figured he's about your age and is probably going through some of the same questions and growth experiences as you are. Your site and comments give me perspective - although I see many things from a different viewpoint, especially politics, than both you and he.

Best Wishes,