Death Penalty

Jury: Cop fabricated confession in death row case

This is why I’m not in favor of the death penalty. It’s not that I don’t think those actually guilty of murder technically deserve to die, it’s that I don’t trust the system to get it right. Furthermore, is it impossible for the “system” to show mercy? I don’t see a problem with being part of a society that says, “even though you deserve to die, we will show you mercy.”

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wennejunk said...

I have two problems with the death penalty.

1. The first, is that death penalty is really revenge. We have the capability to ensure those who commit heinous crimes never enter society again, causing them to effectively lose their lives. Physically taking their life is an act of revenge. "Vengeance is Mine" says the Lord. We are not God and should not assume this role, especially when each of us are sinners and as sinners worthy of death. How dare we take the life of another and proclaim his sin that much greater than our own.

2. Someone who has committed a crime worthy of the death penalty is clearly a lost soul. Prematurely ending their life takes from them the opportunity to come to salvation on God's timeline. For the sake of a saved soul sometime before natural death, we can afford to not put them to death. Ultimately, the eternity that follows far surpases the 80 years or so lived here.