Somewhat Naughty or Lousy Sense of Humor?

So that post two spots down, What I Learned in Ethics Class, my wife tells me it is officially not funny. I thought it was stinking hilarious (and kind of makes a point) but she says no. She is probably right, but before I admit defeet to the great one, lets put this to a vote.

Do I have:

A) A sophisticated sense of humor that is somewhat naughty.

B) A lousy sense of humor made worse by too much time in Fuller’s library.

Realise that this is a him vs. her battle, so guys, I need you on this one.

; )


Kyle said...

I take no sides...

a pregnant women scorned is disasterous. I am very afraid.

David Best said...

Kyle - you are very very WISE....


Anonymous said...

Try this David, "Yes Dear, I believe you are correct, can I get you some ice cream?"
Works with her sister you know!