Be Missional...Wherever

This is one of the best posts I have seen on what it means to be missional, what it means to move from “doing” to “being”. That said, I still had to critique it.

So I left this comment: Ryan, On this: "Worship must reflect the culture of the community that is currently part of the church, not replicate current worship CDs, nor 1980s soft rock, nor 18th century hymns."

What if the culture of the church is one of those things listed?

I echo John Morehead's friends in asking, why the either or?

I love what the emerging church conversation is being, but I'm just as proud of what others are doing.(yes I know the being/doing thing is the problem)

What would it look like to be missional, that is, to apply your principles, in rural Wisconsin, (where I’m from) or the average suburb? It might look more like what too many on the emerging church scene deride than they would like to imagine.

Having said that, this is a great summery of what it is to be missional, and I will definately be using it to help those of us in non-urban environments become more missional.


Kyle said...

D, I responded to Ryan's post as well.

I really didn't address your comment like you wanted me to, so I will here.

Ryan's point (if I can interpret him) is that communities need to be more indigenous. I think it is inevitable that those aspects of culture will find their way into the community, because the community is immersed in culture. However, if that community adapts to accommodate that culture, they will lose their identity and their potency. The notion of relevancy has to go. This relates to being instead of doing.

So what would that look like in Wisconsin? Well, that depends on who is in your community. If they are true to their values, thoughts, passions, and to the way of God, and not trying to modify their practices so they can be more seeker-sensitive, then I think you will be doing well. I agree with Lohfink that if we really embody this community that God intended, the other societies will be intriqued by God's ways and how they work. But if try to adapt thier ways and stay relevant on their radar, we miss out.

Make sense? Disagree?

TK said...

Really appreciated your comment on Ryan Bolger's post. I linked to it here