Being Different

My last post talked about “the way we live”.

When my father was growing up “the way they (conservative christians) lived” was something along the line of, “don’t smoke or drink or curse, or go with girls that do.” More recently, various national political stances have been the determining factor of "the way we vote"; something true for people on both sides of the aisle.

As we seek to be people of “the way”, let me suggest that being different should encompass one’s whole being, not simply positions on peripheral issues, important as these may be.

We who call ourseleves Christians need to ask ourseleves, how different are our lifstyles compared to our neighbors? (and for that matter, who is my neighbor?) Sure, I do this, or don't do that, I may even "have a relationship with Jesus." But is the way we live really that different?

I don't think it is...

...except maybe in one area, we (those who have the means and time to read a blog) have a hell of a lot more money than most people, more than 5,566,727,941 to be exact. (give or take a few million)

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