"Lord Have Mercy"

Today my friend, Andrew Witt, was sentenced to death for brutally murdering Andy and Jamie Schliepsiek, and for attempting and nearly succeeding to murder Jason King.

Below are a few articles which sum up how the trial went, and what happened to bring this all about. But first a few words on how I feel:

Words cannot express my own tortured feelings on this case, though whatever pain I feel pales in comparison to that of the families directly involved.

My perpetual prayer is "Lord have mercy", which should not be construed as me hoping that Andrew is not put to death, which in turn should not be construed as me hoping that Andrew is put to death.

Never in my life have I ever been filled so simultaniously with both love and hate, anguish and malice, and all in an unspeakable disgusting amalgamation of various images of death.

But whatever my feelings, my calling is to befriend Andrew...and so I pray..."Lord have mercy".

Andrew Witt

The Story

Double-murder case to begin Tuesday at Robins

Accused airman faces hearing
(A description of what led up to the murders)

Airman was in ‘state of passion’ during murders, lawyer says

Family members give tearful testimony

Robins airman guilty on all counts in fatal stabbing spree

Family, friends testify on Witt's behalf during sentencing proceedings

Airman Witt gets death penalty

Haunting question remains unanswered in Robins killings
(a complete overview of the situation)

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Anonymous said...

David, I am so sorry. I can only imagine how tough this would be to stomach if I was in your shoes. I think that it was courageous for you to be his friend -- not because you have a particular stance on the death penalty or what-not; that is not the case here. It is merely choosing to reappear in his life as an old friend of his at this point in time when his vision is seeming to be darker and darker each day. You are being Christ to him, and that is not costing you nothing. It is costly; it was costly for Christ to set foot on this earth. But is a courageous endeavor that I think we all respect and admire. I'm sorry for the pain in this.

Kyle said...

Sorry, bro

Karen Best said...

David - What do you mean by your cry for the Lord's mercy is for Andrew to be sentenced to death?

Also, did you get to talk to him while in Macon? What ways have and do you plan on befriending him (apart from the act of testifying on his behalf).

As you work through this and think about the death penalty, I would really like to hear your thought on that.

Love your sis**************Karen

David Best said...


I did not say that I want andrew to be put to death, nor do I want him to live, in fact for fleeting moments I have thought I would like to kill him myself, but at the end of the day I choose to give him something else, something similar to love, and more than a choice, it is a feeling. I genuinely care for Andrew and want what is best for him, but having identified with Andie and Jamie as well, through the testimony of their loved ones, I am also sickned and filled with rage because of his actions.

Concerning our friendship, I have been writing to him for the past six months, and will continue to do so untill he dies by whatever means.

Concerning the death penality, I do not know what I believe.



Thanks for the kind words

Bill said...

David, I'm sorry for all of this awefulness. I apprecaite your intent to be a disciple of Christ in the midst of it. Thank you for letting us know about all of this.

Rson said...

Christ made the death penalty so that he can deal with punishment himself.

Fry andrew fry.

Anonymous said...

I don't get some people. Have mercy on this bag of crap. Thank what ever God you pray to that he is going to get the death penalty. I was a friend to Witt, Andy, and Jamie. Witt is getting a 100 times better than he deserves. He BRUTTALY murdered Andy and Jamie. He stalked them waiting 3 hours outside the house for them to show up. He is a sick piece of garbage and an easy little death penalty, he should concider it a blessing. Don't feel bad for him or ask for mercy for him because he gave none every time he struck these wonderful people with that blade. Mercy..HA save it for someone that deserves it.

Anonymous said...

Although I am sorry for the loss of a person that you have recently befriended (Andrew Witt) and I can see that you genuinely feel for the family and friends of Andy and Jamie, I originaly went from being pro-life to pro-death penality because of this. You didn't know Andy and Jamie and if you did, you'd see how much Andrew Witt took from this world. You weren't there waiting in line at this visitation for hours and hours just to get to the front and see the unconsolable families... including Jamie's two sisters who wore their dresses based on what they believe Jamie would like the best (of course they were pink, Jamie's favorite color... but you wouldn't know that either).
Like I said, I do understand where you are coming from, but how are you friends with someone who shows no remorse for taking the lives of 2 beautiful people (and denies being temporarily insane, or even insane at all...)? In my opinion the only thing he deserves are your prayers... he deserves no moral support because... what is the purpose of that? He has no morals to begin with...

David Best said...

most recent anonymous poster,

I don't think this will do much, but just as a direct answer to your question, "how are you friends with someone who has no remorse?"

Two parts. One, I try (and fail) to take the Bible and particularly the teachings of Jesus Christ seriously. One of the things he said is to "love your enemies." I seriously doubt I could even come close to this if I were more intamently involved in this horrible evil. But I'm not and that makes it easier for me to act on what I believe.

The second factor is the humanity of all involved. Andrew, Jamie, their families, yourself and their other friends, and Andrew.

Regardless of weather Andrew should be alive, he will be alive for another X number of years. And during that time he will interact with other humans. If I can help Andrew be more human, more Christ like, more remorseful, (and like wise he for me)it won't do anything to change what he did, but it will have an affect on him and the people he is living with now. Maybe one day he will demonstrate the remorse that you seek.

Anonymous said...

David - I was also a friend to Andy and Jamie while in GA. Although I didn't get to know them as well as I wanted to because of Witt, I still miss them. Witt deserves no mercy whatsoever. He was (I stress WAS) a friend of ours, but many of us that were mutual friends with Andy and Jamie and at one time, Witt, would never seek to befriend him because of the horrible things he did to an innocent and awesome couple. They were the greatest people to be around and Witt scarred an unimagineable amount of people because of his actions. It will be 4 years this July and I know that every single person that was affected by the loss of Andy and Jamie will never ever forget their presence. He on the other hand will be forgotten and he deserves nothing but the harshest punishment available. At this point, he deserves to waste away on death row and will have to face the judgement of God at the end of his road. There will never be closure for any of us, but that day we will be able to be content for a split second that he has gone to face his eternal judgement.

Anonymous said...

I understand your wanting to show compassion to this man, but at the end of the day he deserves no such thing. He showed no compassion to Andy and Jaimie. I was friends with all three of them. July 5th will be four years since they were taken from us. There is not a day that goes by that it doesn't cross my mind. And not a day goes by that I wish Andrew Witt would meet a painful ending to his life. He is a MONSTER. He slaughtered- not murdered but slaughtered- two beautiful people. Christ's purpose was to teach love. Andrew Witt took away one of the most beautiful loves I have ever seen. You can't show the devil what it is to be Christ-like.

Anonymous said...


I really don't even know how to comment to this. I am from West Salem and Andrew was a friend of mine for years. Not only did we play soccer together but also attended each other's birthdays and so forth.

I have not lived in the midwest for years, but have heard of this story. Today was the first day that I actually did research on it myself...and your blog provided me with the first photo of him that I've seen in years.

It really hit me hard. I feel your pain and I wonder what is right too. And I'm shamelessly thankful that this choice (the choice for life) is not mine.

I know that I have not said much, but to myself I have said a lot. My best goes out to all of the friends he has had over the years and especially to his family. I can't imagine what this has been like for his mother.

God bless.

Anonymous said...

Are people still posting on this blog? Im thinking the last blog was pretty recent as it's just now been 4 years since all this has happened. I wish Andy and Jamie's families all the best. I sat with them during the trial, and testified against Andrew. I am one of only four people that were with Andrew the day after, and still cannot fathom how he sat there with us at lunch and laughed and joked as if nothing happened. He deserves to be where he is.

Anonymous said...

I was in the military and worked at the old and new USDB and most of my time was spent working death row. from 2000 to 2004 at that time there were only six now there are nine. Dearh row in the army jail is tuff for only one reason you know you are going to die but it will be from old age> The military will never kill you they will just keep you in your cell till you die If anyone has ?? about the USDB email me at timchad@yahoo.com

Anonymous said...

I, for some reason, googled "Andrew Witt" today and stumbled upon this. Andy Schliepsiek (one of the victims) was one of my best friends and I'll never forget the phone call telling me he was murdered.

While I understand all the "pain" Andrew Witt's friends might be going through no one has heard about the real pain Andrew Schliepsiek's friends and parents are living with. They will never be the same. It's more than four years later and his parents are not even close to being able to have any semblance of a normal life.

I do not feel bad for Andrew Witt's mother in the least because I personally know Andrew Schliepsiek's mother and father. He should die for what he did.

Anonymous said...

I knew Andrew in high school. He was a member of my graduting class. I have mixed feelings because he was an intimidating person in high school. He was in my social group of friends. I pray that remore and forgiveness come to him from God. As a catholic, I believe that God is the only one who can forgive him for his wrong doings. The families of his victims, my heart goes out to you, and I would never expect forgiveness. There is too much to forgive. I pray for all involved. This story really hit home because we were friends back then. I have not heard from him since graduation, and I never expected to. I give you, David, a lot of credit for your faith and friendship to someone who probably needs a friend more than ever.

Anonymous said...

It's sad that Witt is getting attention on this matter. We need to dispose of this shit stain and remove any scent his fecal-filled-soul would leave to linger. Sorry to anyone who wasted time trying to befriend this devil, just consider your self lucky that he didn't stab you in the back and then let you die while listening to your wife get slaughterd. God spits on his soul!


Anonymous said...

Next time you go visit or write your "friend", be sure to tell him how he has devestated not only the victims he killed (and their families), but also the one he left behind. My brother, Jason King, will never be the same. He says he cannot erase the memory of what Witt did, and cannot seem to move beyond that night. It is such a tragedy to watch him try to cope with that memory everyday of his life. DOES Witt truly know the effect his actions had and are still having on people....or are you even still "friends" with him?

Anonymous said...

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Anonymous said...

This is Jason King, the living victim of Witt. Thanks Gallo and sis. David, you seem like a good dude. Being a murderers friend before he committed his crime and then trying to cope and/or make sense of what he did to Andy, Jamie and myself I'm sure is hard. My advice...talk to God and be kind to others. Andy and Jamie were and still are the greatest people i have ever met. I'm sure God is taking good care of them.

Anonymous said...

Jason King, you are an amazing person. You don't know me and you may never read this but I was blown away by what you wrote. Your compassion and empathy for David and his struggle, when you yourself have struggled through unimaginable horror, is incredible. I recently read an article on how you've battled PTSD and addiction after what you've gone through. I also read that you recently went back to church. I want to encourage you in that journey. I know you must go through times where you are absolutely furious with God and you must have so many unanswered questions, but He is always there and won't leave you. He will help you get through this. God bless you Jason.