Voice over IP

(warning, total advertisement below)

I just got hooked up with a new Voice over IP (internet protocol or VOIP) account from SunRocket. So far so good, when I was shopping around they appeared to have the best features to price ratio, but that's just me. (believe me I”ll be blogging about it if it doesn’t work out)

There are a tone of features and the voice quality is as good if not better than a cell phone. If you have a cell phone (in case the internet connection is out and there is an emergency), voice over IP is the way to go. I paid a flat $200 annual fee ($16/month) for unlimited calling in the US and Canada, and 100 minutes of international calling, plus a ton of extra features. With my sister being overseas, that international time will come in handy. You can read more about all the different voice over IP services from a fairly objective sources at cnet.com

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