Please Let Him Live

Thanks for all the great feedback concerning Andrew, and a special shout out to my intentional community for being so supportive. I really appreciate it guys!

I do feel a bit awkward telling this story, sharing how I feel (different from what I think) with the world. I don’t want any glory for myself, (people that say this usually want glory for themselves : ) ) Rather, I tell the story for the most part because in some ways, telling the story and sorting through the articles is therapeutic. (and painful) Additionally I wanted to make it easy for other people to get an idea of what happened.

In case it is unclear from my previous post’s and comments, I personally want Andrew to live. I am convinced that he will make a positive contribution to his piece of society. However, at the same time I have glimpsed some deep rage in myself, rage that is possibly righteous, possibly not, rage that demands justice, and for fleeting moments would like to carry it out myself. In a small way I identify with the victims as well. Both Joey and I, and the Schliepsiek’s (the victims) have been married for about two years, and were in the Air Force. The thought of someone slaughtering my wife the way Andrew slaughtered Andy and Jamie, puts a vengeance filled knife in my own hand; and I’m barely a secondary victim here, imagine how the families directly involved feel. However, at the end of the day, I am concerned for Andrew’s well being, and will do whatever I can to contribute to not only his health, but ultimately to the other people that he will make a positive impact on while in prison.

I think and act this way because of the Spirit of Jesus in me, which causes me to believe that this is the right thing to do, and which gives me the strength to do it. Apart from Jesus Christ, I almost certainly would not have made contact with Andrew after this all went down.

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Tyler Watson said...

I cannot imagine the turmoil that comes with this experience. Thank you for sharing your thoughts and feelings with us. I'm praying for peace for you through this process. For what it's worth, I believe I can see the love of Christ in your actions.