Church Journey

Taking two classes this quarter, The Church in the New Testament with Beaton, and ST-2 CHRISTOLOGY AND SOTERIOLOGY with Karkkainen.

In the Church class we introduced ourselves and shared what type of churches we had been a part of. Out of forty, only two people had been in the same tradition their whole life. I am an example of what most people at Fuller have experienced, a multiplicity of traditions.

I was born and raised, a
Plymouth Brethren fundamentalist. When I was 16 the family switched to a conservative evangelical church First Evangelical Free Church of La Crosse. After high school I joined the military and was primarily involved with the parachurch Navigators, though during that time I went to a Vineyard Church, and a Interdenominational, "Word and Spirit" church called Trinity. And now were here at Fuller, interacting with all kinds of denominations and perspectives, and attending a small, multicultural, somewhat conservative, (somewhat not) non-denominational church called Agape. Most recently though it has beed the "emerging Church" conversation that has caught my eye. (more info here, and here)

What is even more interesting, is that for most of us, all these switches don’t usually represent a change in our personal views and convictions on various theological issues that separate churches. (though most people's views do evelove over time, and naturally are shaped by the community they are a part of.)

Can I get a hmmm...

Makes you wonder about some things dosen't it.

; )

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you are a denominational groupie aren't you?