Signs of Hope LA (2)

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Panel Discussion

Q: If you had to take a visitor from out-of-town, to a place in the city that showed some signs of hope, where would you go?

Rev. Alexis Salvatierra – Advocate for the working poor
In 1970, the CEO made 30x what the lowest paid worker made. In 2000 it was 560x
If you work for $7/hr, you make $960/month. Average rent is $1400/month.

Costco CEO makes 350K on purpose, pays his workers $17/hr, twice that of Sams Club.

Don Knabe – LA County Supervisor
Largest uninsured population. 83K Homeless in LA county. Unless you know how big the problem is you can’t fix it. Various new ‘programs’ being started. New shelters, job training programs, etc…
There is a program that allows a mother to drop off her child at any hospital, fire station, or police station, no questions, no shame. Finally, a program to help foster kids transition at age 18.

Dr. Lula Ballton – West Angles CDC (Carrier Development Center)
You are here, that’s a good thing. People come here for their dreams, most people are not considering going back to where they came from. My goal is not for people to be the object of our charity. Don’t make people do it our way. (loud music, food, living standards, etc…) Don’t dismantle neighborhoods. Don’t do affordable non-descript box housing, (projects) don’t do pricy high rises. Make affordable indigenous integrated living possible. In the 70’s the successful minorities were told to get an education and get out. That is wrong! Come home, make it better.

Robert Yamamoto – Represents Nearly the entire Non-Profit Sector.
Young professionals went out and donated toys for xmas. Found 7 people in a one bedroom apartment, 400sq/ft. 130K non-profit’s in LA county. Signs of hope all over LA. Look for the HS in all of us. “For many, we (in this room) are the signs of hope” Next generation is incredibly volunteer oriented.

LaDawn Prieto – Psychiatric worker with LAUSD (LA Unified School District)
Considering the background of many, a sign of hope is that anyone comes to school. 100 gang related deaths in a 1 mile radious of X neighborhood in the past year. Parents are often drug addicts. Lets help through the school. Politicians and authorities are recognizing the power of public schools. Latino gangs are somewhat respectful of religious icons. Mary will never get ‘tagged’ on. You can’t do this without being in communion with the Lord, (read your Bible)

Allan Kingston – Century Housing (affordable housing)
LA County is the number one place in the nation for homelessness. Ten Million in LA County, the size of Sweden and other small countries. People don’t often look at the economy and jobs as related to housing, but homes are where ‘jobs’ go to spend the night. Issues of race are going away, they must, and we are making it so.

Janice Hahn – Councilwomen of LA (the city)
Took a Grammy winning music producer to a project in Watts. (wanted to show him a sign of hope) Took him to a place where there is hopelessness, but there is a recording studio there. We say, ‘say no to gangs’ but there are not enough to say yes to. This is something they can say yes to. The project needed more money for people and stuff. The producer is going to do some good things, will be making connections.

“I need some signs of hope” this last month there were 19 gang related shootings, 7 were homicides. Kids don’t go to school because they are afraid of being shot. Went to a place that helps women turn their way of life around. She was encouraged because of this.

The city is often very frustrated with her. (city, police, gangs, etc…) Held a meeting. They needed a cease fire so kids could go to school. Mother mentioned that the press only show up for the good stuff. Her kid is going to Nebraska on a sports scholarship. After this, gangs wanted to talk about a cease fire.

Favorite book, Ester, here for “such a time as this”.

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LaDawn Prieto said...

I'm glad that the conference had an impact on you... that's awesome! Just to clarify, the statistic of gang homicides in Rampart LAPD area was over a 10 year period... Keep pressing on.