Happy Xmas / New Year

Well a new year is hear, bringing to a close the xmas season. I’ve been busy with family visiting from out of town, so as you can see I haven’t been blogging.

We had a good time, visiting various LA area attractions. For our family though, the highlights aren’t necessarily the attractions, but the time eating and playing cards. Unfortunately we were minus two people. My wife was visiting her family, and one of my two sisters was in Korea where she lives and works. Fortunately Joey, my wife was able to return in time to spend a little time with the inlaws.

FYI I would suggest visiting the Aquarium of the Pacific only if you are under 17, or really really love fish. It’s kind of small, and is really just a bunch of fish in a bunch of tanks. When it comes to viewing animals, I’ll take the discovery channel every time.

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