Signs of Hope LA (3)

Following are my favorite one-liners from this weekends consultation, Signs of Hope LA.

According to emigrants, the US and LA are cleaner and more free than the rest of the world.

The emerging global culture is an interaction of innovation. (Whatever that means.)

Suburbs leave people separated and isolated, enduring long commutes.

Korean store owners are fluent in Spanish, not English.

The built landscape reflects our theology, hopes, lives and dreams.

The nations are now in the neighborhood.

Jesus was a intercontinental refuge.

The people running from LA are running into the people running from Chicago…somewhere near Colorado Springs.

If you were a missionary, you would be considered irresponsible if you did not take some time to learn the language, and pay close attention to the culture. We need to do the same thing.

Put up art from the people of your neighborhood, you won’t have to tell them they are welcome at your church, they will notice the minute they walk in.

You don’t teach surgery at the university, but at the hospital. (What should that tell Seminaries?)

In 1970, the CEO made 30x what the lowest paid worker made. In 2000 it was 560x
If you work for $7/hr, you make $960/month. Average rent is $1400/month.

83K Homeless in LA county.

Don’t dismantle neighborhoods. Don’t do affordable non-descript box housing, (projects) don’t do pricy high rises. Make affordable, indigenous, integrated, living, possible.

People don’t often look at the economy and jobs as related to housing, but homes are where ‘jobs’ go to spend the night.

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